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Workshop I
'Women & Mental Illness in Post-War Britain'
(13 - 14 April 2023)

Women & Mental Illness in Post War Britain Poster

An in-person workshop 13-14 April 2023, held at the University of Warwick,

co-organised by Fabiola Creed and Hilary Marland.

Generously funded by the Wellcome Trust, the Centre for the History of Medicine at Warwick and Warwick’s Global Research Priority Health, and prompted by our Wellcome funded project ‘The Last Taboo of Motherhood’, this workshop explores changes in understanding, diagnosing and responding to women’s mental illnesses in post-Second World War Britain.


With contributions from scholars from several disciplines drawing on a diverse range of approaches and sources, the workshop will also debate the ethics of exploring women’s narratives and other sensitive sources. Finally, the workshop will consider how our research findings might shape debates about mental health provision and care today.

Please find the programme here.

Read the summary of the Workshop here.

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